What can we do for you?

We at Silver Lining Coaching are committed to helping you and your team discover what more you can do.  We know you're good at what you do currently; we just want to help you be even better.  

Coaching is a unique relationship that challenges and supports you in achieving your potential.  Coaching that uses a positive psychology approach in particular, is a dynamic new style that integrates the latest research from the science of strengths and happiness with what we know already works for you. 

We design bespoke courses and programmes to suit your needs.  Training should always be a continuous process - and that's why we have a comprehensive and complimentary after-care service.  Work with us and discover the silver lining to your training courses.

As well as our focus on happiness and positive psychology, at Silver Lining we have extensive experience in facilitating workshops on various corporate-specific skills. We can create training programmes that incorporate the elements that interest you, for example:
  • Professional body language
  • Negotiating at every level
  • Influencing for win-wins
  • Emotional intelligence for managers
  • Rapport-building for top teamwork
  • Listening "between the lines"

We can also deliver individualised interview training packages for those who are considering a change in career, or for those who will be facing their first formal interview situations, and feel like they need coaching in this particular area.

Due to our team's particular experience with intercultural communication, we also deliver training for those who may be moving abroad, and would like a package that delivers handy tips and tricks for making the most out of a cultural move.

Our coaching style is interactive, solutions-focused and most of all, fun. We are always flexible in finding a time-scale and programme that meet your needs, goals and resources.  To find out how we can best design training to suit you, please email us on info@silverliningcoaching.com